Sunday, May 20, 2018

Fairy Tales Foods Beauty and the Beast

It's ark-building time! We've had SO much rain this past week: roads collapsing, rivers flooding, mudslides, UGH! But, we did get a break from precip this morning, so I ran outside to snap a picture of my rose bush.

A bush full of roses? I know what you're thinking – Beauty and the Beast.
Whether you fancy the original animated version or the 2017 movie, Beauty and the Beast conveys such good life lessons.
Top 3?
1. Willingness to sacrifice yourself for another is true love.
2. What is on the inside is what counts.
3. Criticism should never belittle one's self-worth.

So, back to roses . . .
Beauty and the Beast Roses
I do not do well with cake pops, so I enlisted the help of my eldest daughter for this project. She made the cake pops effortlessly; getting them to stand up in the cones, however, was another issue.
Make your cake pops, swirl them in melted candy melts and sprinkle with pink/red candy dust to make them rose-like, then insert their sticks into the cones filled with cupcakes. And PLOP! they fall over. Too top heavy. So, the obvious tip is:
TIP: Make sure you have a heavy-enough base cone in order for the cake pop rose to keep upright. Use a foam floral block covered with chocolate crumbs as long as the kids know not to eat that base.

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Beauty and the Beast Roses

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More Fairy Tales Foods coming soon.


 Live Happily Ever After!

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