Monday, February 25, 2019

Farm Animals Resource AND FREEBIE

Newest Resource - Farm Animals Bundle!
17 activities, games, and printables - WOW!

And a bundle like this has to have a FREEBIE, right?!

24 game cards in black and white
24 games cards in color

Friday, June 15, 2018

Fairy Tales Foods Goldilocks, The Ugly Duckling, Thumbelina, and The Little Red Hen

 For Goldilocks and the Three Bears one has to make porridge, right?! This activity is quite simple yet satisfying. Oatmeal decorated with banana slices and raisins. Done.
I also made bear toast - toast topped with spread Nutella and sliced bananas and raisins. Yummy!

Tips: while the kids slice their bananas - I give each child a third of a banana - and decide which raisins to use for the eyes and mouth, an adult can spoon the oatmeal into their bowls. (Also, quick-cooking oatmeal is quick and simple.)


 Reading The Little Red Hen? Gotta’ make bread.

Gather the materials.

Mixing the ingredients in a baggie prevents spills and messes; plus, it’s so much fun to squish.

Shape the dough into a loaf.


And it's ready to eat.

Tip: the loaves can be made by student teams, if you need to speed up the process.


Since Thumbelina was soo tiny, we decided to do a mini food.

We thought these miniburgers were cute and simple to make.

Tip: make doubly sure to fry the patties on low to reduce grease splatter.


The Ugly Duckling Rolls were simple to make.

Mostly flattening and shaping the dough to look duck-like.

Tip: some duckling rolls will be prettier than others which is a perfect segue into a class discussion.


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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Fairy Tales Foods The Little Mermaid and The Elves and the Shoemaker

 The Little Mermaid Disney movie was THE movie back in the day. It was also more kid-friendly than the original tale - much more!

For this fairy tale, we made Pearl Cookies.

The kids can color their icing any color; we chose pink.

If you look closely at the picture, you will notice the two outer cookies have a mini marshmallow pearl and the middle cookie has a white M&M pearl.

If you need a really quick Little Mermaid food idea then fix seashell pasta sprinkled with parmesan and parsley.

And how about crab sandwiches. Too cute of an idea to pass by.

Any type of sandwich toppings work or eat the crescent rolls plain. Just as long as you put candy eyes on top of skewers or candy sticks and stick into the top of the roll. Having the crab stare at you as you eat your roll is creepy fun.

Tip: be careful not to spill your candy eyes; they will go EVERYWHERE.


 The Elves and the Shoemaker sandwiches are easy to make. Make a shoe template from cardstock or cardboard and use to cut out bread for sandwiches.

 Place two pickle strips with a toothpick on top of your made sandwich for the sandal strap.

Tip: Make several shoe templates for tracing; saves wait time.

Here are the Food Label Card Freebies for:
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More Fairy Tales Foods coming soon.


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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Fairy Tales Foods Snow White, Three Billy Goats Gruff, and Hansel and Gretel

Apples are healthy; well, unless they are poisoned.

I was originally going to make candy apples for Snow White but thought better of it. I opted for the marshmallow treat apples.

Make your marshmallow treats, as directed, adding red food coloring when you add the cereal. Shape into balls.

Create the stem and leaf. We used half of a candy melt and a cut candy stick painted brown with an edible pen.

Simple and easy and all kids love Rice Krispie treats.

 Tip: make sure hands are greased before shaping the apples.


Rice krispie treats are also needed for The Three Billy Goats Gruff Grass Treats.

Cut the treats into squares and pipe green icing onto the top.

Super simple and your kids will love eating grass.

Tip: can spread green icing onto the treat if piping doesn't work.


Everyone enjoys decorating/eating candy houses. And by using rice krispie treats, constructing the houses is easy and not as nerve racking.

I've never had much luck with gingerbread houses. But these treat houses are simple and sturdy.

And decorating is always fun. Not as fun as eating the house, but still fun.

Tip: simply attaching the candies to the sticky treat walls and roof will work but only temporarily. Might want to use icing as glue unless eating is imminent.

**To clarify, I used graham crackers for this test run. All of my treats had mysteriously been eaten. Hmmm.


Here are the Food Label Card Freebies for:
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Three Billy Goats Gruff
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More Fairy Tales Foods coming soon.


 Live Happily Ever After!

Fairy Tales Foods The Three Little Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Fisherman and His Wife, The Snowman, and Cinderella

The Three Little Pigs Trail Mix is very quick and easy to make.

Just mix potato sticks (straw),

pretzel sticks (sticks),

and chocolate squares (bricks).


Tip: so simple; no tip!


 Jack and the Beanstalk Magic Beans are probably the simplest of these fairy foods.

Simply, and very carefully, split open the pea pod, scrape out the peas (which are yummy, btw), and insert jelly beans or any round candies. A simple activity but it is visually cute.

Tip: buy large pea pods, much easier to work with.


 The Fisherman and His Wife Fishing Poles looked easy.
NO! Epic Pinterest fail. The licorice ropes kept breaking.

We ended up using yarn as our fishing line. Still a cute idea.

Tip: cut string lengths to varying sizes ahead of time to avoid empty wait time doing this project. Varying string sizes make the finished projects look better for pics.


 Feels weird writing about snowmen when I am in the midst of a North Carolina summer – can you say hot, humid, and buggy?!

Anyway, The Snowman Snowmen are another quick and easy Fairy Tales food to make.

Skewer powdered donuts

and decorate your snowman.


 Another super quick and easy fairy tale treat is Cinderella pumpkins. Grab cuties or halos (which, btw, are mandarins not tangerines - who knew?!)

and a bit of celery. Peel the cuties but don't separate. Then put a sprig of celery in the top to act as a stem. Whalah, a pumpkin!

Tip: remind kids to not pull apart the cutie once peeling is complete.

 Need a more involved Cinderella treat? Make a Cinderella carriage. You'll need a round bun or boule, whole wheat bread slices, small and large round cookie cutters, toothpicks, vegetable dip mix, and cut up vegetables.
Using fingers, make a well in the top of the boule (carriage).

Save the bread for dipping later. Use the cookie cutters to cut four small and four large circles (carriage wheels). Then attach the wheels, smaller ones on the outside, to the bottom of the carriage. Prepare the dip as directed on the pkg and dip away with some yummy veggies

Tip: make the dip ahead of time. It firms up in the frig which makes it easier to dip into the carriage well.

Here are the Food Label Card Freebies for:
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More Fairy Tales Foods coming soon.


Live Happily Ever After!