Thursday, May 24, 2018

Fairy Tales Food Fairy Tales

The royal wedding was Saturday. A chance for us commoners to ooh and aah at the lovely dresses and the adorable flower girls and page boys. A chance to believe that fairy tales do come true.

Most fairy tales involve castles and towers so for our Fairy Tales study, we made Fairy Tales Towers.

Quite simple activity.
Fill the ice cream cone with cake (I used a rice krispie treat since I had extra),

decorate the sugar cone,

then assemble the sugar cone atop the ice cream cone.

TIP: have the kids paint their sugar cone whatever color they want. The different-colored towers are lovely when viewed together.

Here is the Food Label Card Freebie for: 
Fairy Tales

AND check this out if you need Fairy Tales Activities

OR Fairy Tales Count & Clip Cards (It's a FREEBIE!)

More Fairy Tales Foods coming soon.


 Live Happily Ever After!

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