Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Scoop for February 15

Yes, it's Sunday again! And time for Teaching Trio's Sunday Scoop.

One wall in our living room is filled with yearly pictures of our kids.
The joke is that when you hit the door frame, you have to leave the house. Not sure what Erik is going to do about the light switch!
I really need to sign up to receive group karate texts, so I will know if class is canceled or anything comes up.

I told myself I would get more organized with this messy desk. I need to find a calendar on which to write reminder dates. Plus, now that I have completed my conference materials, I need to clean up my junk.
I made cute grad announcements for Emily, Audrey's we bought from Early College, now I need to create again for Sarah's. Graduation is an exciting time!
I have ordered testing for my kids fifteen years now. I would think I would know exactly when and what to do. But every year there is a slight change, so I always like to preview things before I actually order our tests in March.

This week is pretty uneventful which is a good thing from looking at the forecast. Snow midweek possibly. Well, we have had an easy winter here, so I cannot complain. Plus, Spring is almost here; I CAN make it!

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