Saturday, January 31, 2015

Valentine's Day Came Early!!!

My husband just sent me an email with an attachment.
"What was the attachment?", you might be asking.
A clickable catalog for my TpT store.
I have to repeat that:
a clickable catalog for my TpT store.
Isn't he awesome!? I believe Valentine's Day has come early.
Check it out!

Click here for a downloadable copy (PDF) of the Clickable Catalog.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's That TIME Again!

It's that TIME again; TIME to teach TIME.

So, I am trying to organize my TIME folder. I love it when I find an old idea or activity I had forgotten. And I love to find new activities, too. Below are some new and old ideas. Can't wait to hear what activities you do!

I start with Ipad apps; free, of course.
This first app is neat because of its wide age range. Plus, the fish are super fun.

I wasn't particularly fond of this app; it did not show why an answer was wrong nor did I find it visually pleasing.

Kids like to match and with this app, they can match analog and digital times. I really like the fact that you can tap on a clock to hear its time read aloud.

This app was visually appealing and fun to play. AND you could record your own voices!!

Oldie but goldie paper plate clock
I think every kid on the planet has made a paper clock. A brilliant idea, though, for the little tykes.

And for the tykes ready for a higher level, here's a twist on the paper plate clock. My kids really enjoy flip flaps and truly interactive activities.

We enjoy these websites dealing with TIME.

(identify time to the hour on an analog clock)

(time with digital or analog)

(match digital to analog; hour & half hour)

(match o'clock words to time on analog clock)

There are so many TIME books out there. Here are a few good ones.

Don't forget to check out my Telling Time Clip Cards
Hour, Half Hour, Quarter Hour, and 5 Minutes also available

I Have, Who Has Games
Available in Hour, Half Hour, Quarter Hour, and 5 MInutes

and Time Bingo Games
Available in Hour, Half Hour, and Quarter Hour

Thanks for spending TIME with me today. Hope you have a marvelous rest of January!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wacky Week Wednesday – National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Week 1/26-31

Cowboy poetry is a form of poetry which grew out of a tradition involving cowboys who, after a hard day of work, would gather around a campfire and entertain one another with stories or songs. Poetic forms were used to help with remembering since illiteracy was common among cowhands. A cowboy poet does not have to be a working cowboy; a cowboy poet can just share a fondness for the ways of the West. Some of the most famous cowboy poets, though, are ranchers, veterinarians and tradespeople.

Today, cowboy poetry gatherings provide a focal point for practitioners and supporters of the art.

The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering is a week-long celebration of life in the rural West. This event has become an annual ritual for thousands of people who value the people and cultures that live and work in the West. Through poetry, music, film, photography, and story telling, artists express the beauty and the challenges of the West.

Every year, thousands travel to rural Elko, Nevada to celebrate the Western way of life.

These first two cowboy poetry books need to be previewed by an adult.

The next book is a cool poetry book.

The next book is a fun cowboy book.
And speaking of cowboys, please check out my Cowboys Thematic Centers and Worksheets

And my Cowboys Count and Clip Cards.

I'll end with this poem by Wayne Brown.

Wayne Brown 2012

Orange and blue sky of morning slowly crawls over the ranch

As the bright sunlight of day begins it slow westward dance

The boys have long left the bunk; starting their day

We work sun up to sundown…it’s a cowboy’s way

There’s doggies in the high ground hidin’ in the draw

There are horses that need tendin’; their backs all raw

Cowboyin’ is a lot of work and there ain’t too much pay

But that’s alright, we like it…it’s a cowboy’s way

There are steers to be branded; there’s stock to be feed

Ain’t much time for talkin’; do some more work instead

Besides, when a cowboy talks, he’s got somethin’ to say

That’s just the way it is…it’s a cowboy’s way

That ol’ sun has done crawled up past the noon

Cookie will be callin’ with some vittles real soon

We’ll fill our bellies with beans and meat of the day

A workin' man needs to eat…it’s a cowboy’s way

With our stomachs full and our body aches rested

We head back to find some more ways to be tested

We won’t get it all done today, try hard as we may

But we’ll be back tomorrow…it’s a cowboy’s way

That ol’ sun is finally setting and darkness will fall

We head for the bunkhouse; a good day for us all

Then gathered round the stove as the guitars play

We’ll sing a lonely trail song…it’s a cowboy’s way

©Copyright WBrown2012. All Rights Reserved.
30 December 2012

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Scoop 1/25/15

This will be my first Sunday Scoop linkup. I am excited!
Three things I HAVE to do:

1. Sarah, our youngest daughter, was accepted into the Japanese Outbound and Nihongo Programs. YAY! Now to get all of her forms completed. At least this way I will be busy and not thinking of my baby girl being halfway around the world for two months this summer!

2. I keep procrastinating starting the SDE K conference display book that is due in Feb because I have no clue of what I am doing. I HAVE to get this done!

3. You only think of the shower curtain while in the shower, right? I didn't scrub it last week thinking I was going to replace it, so let's just say it's time!
Amen, brother!

Two things I NEED to do:

1. I envy people who can put up their long hair, and it looks great. Me? No, I need a haircut.

2. I cannot walk into my closet without stepping on stuff. I need to at least make a pathway.
Okay, not this bad - YET.

Something I WANT to do:

Our first born, Emily, will be visiting for a couple of days at the end of this week. Cannot wait to spend time eating junk food, laughing till we cry, and trouncing each other at cards.
I would LOVE to get paid to play games!

Enjoy your Sunday!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wacky Week Wednesday – Healthy Weight Week 1/19-23

People who diet the first week of January usually binge the second week and are ready for better living by the third week. Healthy Weight Week is the third week in January. This is a week to promote healthy lifestyle habits that last a lifetime and prevent weight and eating problems. Healthy Weight Week was established to encourage people to stop dieting and pursue livable and sustainable healthy lifestyles through eating well, living actively and feeling good about themselves.
During Healthy Weight Week, hide your scale and start focusing on these goals:
Set realistic health guidelines for yourself.
Focus on positive lifestyle changes.
Appreciate yourself. Create positive relationships with family, friends, and food.
Enjoy your eating experience by eating a variety of foods.
Move your body.
Relax. Take time out for yourself.

If you enjoy Healthy Weight Week, don't stop at one week, make it a healthy weight year!

Three books that cover healthy lifestyles in a fun way are

Want a freebie?! Download my Nutrition Count and Clip Cards for free!

You might also be interested in my other Nutrition products:

Nutrition Emergent Reader

Nutrition Math and Literacy Packet

Nutrition Thematic Centers and Worksheets

 We can do this!!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Ethel, the Indoor Cat

Recently on the TpT forum, I posted about my cat's near-death experience. Thought maybe I should give an update on Ethel along with her two dog co-conspirators, Maggie and Clooney.

Yes, I said co-conspirators. Ethel has always wanted to be an indoor cat. But wait; let's back up.

Maggie says it stinks getting old.
It was a week before Thanksgiving and Maggie, our Jack Russell Terrier who no longer sees very well, began terrorizing Ethel at night. These two have lived together (outdoors) for 5 years and have always gotten along. We marked it down to our living in the woods and Maggie's eyesight getting Ethel confused with a woods creature (fox, coyote, etc). We left it up to Ethel to arrive on the porch before dark or else sleep on our barn porch. This was working until...

Clooney has arrived.
Thanksgiving, our second eldest brought her dog for us to keep. This dog has major issues, one being he hates cats. Long story short - Clooney and Maggie both begin barking at Ethel. Ethel disappears. We search and search. We assume the creatures or the cold got her. [She had a good life with us (we rescued her from a farmer's gun).] We went on with our life.

"YES, we are rid of the cat."

The Friday before Christmas, our neighbor texted she glimpsed Ethel entering a drainpipe near our house. LONG story short, I carried Ethel to our house to (I thought) die. She was pitiful. My husband said he thought Ethel was hours away from death.

Fast forward one month, Ethel is a healthy indoor cat. She does freak out when the dogs bark and spends most of her time underneath my bed, but she is physically healthy.
Our Christmas Miracle Cat

A seller from the forum said I ought to write a book on bullying. I think I should write a book about a cat and two dogs conspiring to make an outdoor cat an indoor cat.
"My ingenious plan worked!"

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wacky Week Wednesday – Universal Letter Writing Week 1/8-14

Get your stationery ready; January 8 – 14 is universal letter writing week! What an excellent opportunity to practice letter-writing skills. Receiving a handwritten, friendly letter in the mail would be a surprising treat for a friend or family member. Or your students could send a business letter to thank a local organization in your community.

For letter-writing templates, check out these TpT items:
Friendly Letter Writing Paper by Sandra Naufal
Letter Writing Graphic Organizer by Primary Teaching

And check out Erica Bohrer's extensive letter-writing unit:

Here are a couple of books about letter writing:

Here is a website to help write letters:

And once the letters are written, check out my Post Office Thematic Centers and Worksheets
And my Post Office Count and Clip Cards

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wacky Week Wednesday – National Pizza Week 1/5-11

Pizza has been around since the sixth century BC when Persian soldiers made bread on their shields and topped the bread with cheese and dates. The first written record of pizza comes from Pompeii where excavations have revealed pizza recipes from the book of Apicius.

Pizza as we know it first shows up in history in the year 1522, in Italy. In the late 1800's, street vendors sold pizzas simply topped with mushrooms and anchovies. Pizza popularity soon created pizza stalls where customers could sit and order their pizzas with more topping choices. These stalls soon morphed into pizzerias where people could eat, drink, and socialize.
Gennaro Lombardi claims to have opened the first pizzeria in the United States in New York City in 1905. The first American pizzas were called tomato pies rather than pizza pies and were built differently with cheese first, then the toppings, then the sauce.

The first commercial pizza-pie mix was produced in Massachusetts in 1948, and pizza soon became the most popular frozen food after the first frozen pizza was sold in 1957.

Today, pizza is made and sold everywhere with different varieties and virtually every type of food being used as toppings.

Check out these yummy books:

And you can make and deliver pizzas on these websites:

(place ingredients on pizza, cook, and serve)

(help deliver the pizzas, but watch the obstacles)

Need fun pizza activities?
Make a pizza number counting book. (One pepperoni, Two mushrooms, etc.)


Take a pizzaria field trip or make pizzas with English muffins, pizza sauce, and grated cheese.

Our group has visited Domino's Pizza where the kids made their own personal pizzas. We had such a blast! Some years we have had to stay in the classroom to make and eat pizzas with English muffins, pizza sauce, and toppings. This can be a lot of fun, too. (Although, I had parents in to help which is a definite must.)

Check out my Pizza Thematic Centers and Worksheets:

 And my Pizza Count and Clip Cards:

Excuse me while I grab me a pizza pie. You guys have a yummy week!