Saturday, December 12, 2015

My Favorite Things Linky Party

I LOVE this idea; what FUN!!
Thanks Angela at Southern Fried Teachin

1. Fav Holiday Song - "Carol of the Bells"

2.Fav Holiday Guilty Pleasure Food - Anything chocolate!

3. Fav Holiday Tradition - This is the first year in my entire life that my extended paternal family will not be gathering together on Christmas Eve. We are getting together on December 19th instead (hand me my tissue), but my family (husband & kids) will start our own Christmas Eve traditions this year.

4. Fav Holiday Book - Well, . . . I love reading about Laura and Mary's Christmas in Little House in the Big Woods.

5. Fav Holiday Act of Kindness - I love to see all of the fillable stockings GONE - Yay to everyone that fills one to give to a needy person.

6. Fav Holiday Memory - too many from which to choose. My cousin and I always got the same gift from our grandparents, and one year we got a Miss America Barbie. When you pretended to walk her, her head moved from side to side. (wow, that shows my age, huh?!)

7. Fav Holiday Childhood Gift - A bike with handlebar tassels and a basket!

8. Fav Holiday Craft - definitely NOT gingerbread houses (my poor kids)

9. Fav Holiday Movie - "White Christmas" (I like to watch this in the summer though)

10. Fav Place to Shop - online Amazon and Ebay

11. What I Want Santa to Bring Me - Every year my mama gives me a calendar (She knows me well).

12. Fav Product - My Place Value Cards. I have always loved working with the yellow base ten blocks, so cute.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Currently December

Yeah, I know, December - ALREADY!
Here's Currently for December with Farley.

This past weekend was fabulously warm and sunny, so I really shouldn't complain. Dreary rain is nice if you can stay inside with a good book.

The time has come!

My children are at that stage where all they want for Christmas is money. How lame is that?!

Sunday, while taking our daughter back to college, we counted Christmas trees heading down the mountain. Before we were too exhausted to continue the tally marks (after an hour), we counted 286, and that's not counting the loaded down trucks and trailers. Insane!!

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Currently November

Seems like just yesterday I linked up with Farley for Currently October - wow!

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Oh Boy! Fourth Grade

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!

All of my children learned their numbers by playing cards. A regular playing deck was always around us – literally.
One of our favorite card games to play was Skip-Bo.

Skip-Bo is such a fabulously easy game to play, and it is a perfect way to learn the numbers 1-12.
In case you don't know what Skip-Bo is, it's a game where each player is dealt a stockpile of cards and then attempts to win by playing all these cards on building piles in numerical sequence 1 through 12.
At first, our little ones would not have to play strictly by the rules. They would sit in our laps and place the cards we handed them on the correct piles; then, upon recognition, they would point to the card while in our hand then place it on the appropriate card stack.
Eventually, they could play “alone”. Of course, we changed the rules up a bit: less cards played with, no trash pile limit, and the Skip-Bo wild card not used.
It was a fine day when all 6 of us could sit down and play a real Skip-Bo card game. We still play it whenever we get together. In fact, it was the first game we taught our Japanese exchange student last summer.
Here is Aya shuffling a deck of cards. She LOVED playing Skip-Bo!
(And was so proud that she had taught herself how to shuffle.)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again -
Skip-Bo is an awesome number-learning game!

I love numbers. And I love teaching numbers. So, I'm not sure why it took so long for me to upload my numbers products.
But finally I have in my store 7 “Numbers!” products to help make learning/teaching numbers EASY and FUN!

Take a look:
I never liked wearing crowns or bracelets in school, but I wanted the kids to have some kind of craft that would show off their numbers skills. Wahla, Number Ties. The kids love to decorate and wear the ties; I like the ease of no assembly & one size fits all!

We love puzzles around here, so number puzzles are a must!

Exit tickets are a quick and simple way of assessing. I LOVE quick and simple activities!

Number Emergent Readers are a super fun way to practice numbers. The kids love being independent and showing their parents what they know about numbers.

 Like, I said, we play a lot of games. This Memory Game is bright and colorful.

And for the meat of number learning, here is a packet of 76 printables designed to introduce, practice, or review numbers in all of their forms: tally marks, ten frames, dominos. This packet has mazes, cut and paste sheets, . .  fun interactive pages.

Want all of these great items for less? Here is the comprehensive Packet that includes all of the above in one packet and at a 15% discount!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Currently October

Wow, October already! A new month means a new Currently link up with Farley!

Sometimes I miss that kind of silence; my babies are all grown up now.

I LOVE Fall!

Nighttime munchies are truly testing my willpower.


Okay, this is not my house but WOW, look at the decorations!

Just purchased new rockers for the front porch. LOVE to sit out there in the cool evening breeze with my dear one. Can't beat it!

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Have a great October!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pizza Month

Get ready - October is Pizza Month; how yummy is that?!

Pizza has been around since the sixth century BC when Persian soldiers made bread on their shields and topped the bread with cheese and dates, So, of course, pizza deserves its own month.

Here is a cute pizza counting game from PBS Kids. Students are visually shown the number and type of topping then they click and drag the correct toppings to the pizza. 


Of course, every Pizza Unit Study must employ a favorite toppings graph.
Here's a FREEBIE if you need one.

Grab a pizza book from the library.
Such a fun book

Here are a couple of neat Pinterest items I found:

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And my Pizza Count & Clip Cards:

Have a yummy month!