Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Seller Spotlight Post

Hi, this is Lori from Teaching Tykes

I live in North Carolina, USA, with my husband and our four kids; well, only one is still at home – we are almost empty-nesters.
I am a thirty-year education veteran who has seen it all. One of the most difficult concepts for my little tykes is place value. Our answer? LOTS of manipulatives and games. My Place Value Clip Cards help with reinforcement and review. They work perfectly with base-ten blocks, too.

For differentiation, we use two different versions:

and hundreds, tens, and ones

These cards are brilliant for math centers!
And for class games (I did tell you we loved to play games):

I can differentiate with these bingo cards since I have the same bingo card in different forms:
base 10 blocks,

expanded form,

place value form,

word form,

and standard form.

Your kiddos will thank you for playing Place Value Bingo instead of completing another boring worksheet. Mine do!

It was so nice of Nikki for letting me guest blog this week.
And thank you for reading and getting to know me a bit.
Please download my End of the Year Awards resource as a thank you.

I hope you have as much fun with them as we do. Just don't forget the candy. :)

Would love for you to visit me!

See you soon!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Magical Dream Sticks

According to Merriam-Webster a crayon is a stick of colored wax that is used for drawing.
But isn't a crayon SO much more?
I once heard crayons described as “Magical Dream Sticks”.
So true, so true.

Check out my “Box of Colors!” 63 pages of fun, hands-on color learning.

Here is what is included in this packet:

→ Crayon box template
Cute Crayon Box that can be used for storage

→ 11 mini color puzzles
4 pieces each/fits in Colors Box

→ 11 mini color readers
5 pgs each/fits in Colors Box

→ 11 mini crayons
They fit in Colors Box.

→ 12 Color Bingo Cards

→ 12 Color Bingo Cards
Cards with words in b/w AND cards with words in color!

→ 11 I Have, Who Has Colors Game Cards
Play = Learning

→ 11 My “Color” Sheet
One Page for each Color

Color it.
Trace it.
Shape it.
Write it.
Read it.
Circle it.
Pyramid it.
Build it.

→ 1 Colors Graphing Story
Read, Highlight, Tally, Graph, Answer ?s

 Seeing the color words in context makes for more fluent readers

→ 11 Color Ties Craftivity
Let people ask you about your Color Tie

Read it.
Trace it.
Glue it.
Write it.
Color it.

→ 1 Color Spin Race Game
They will not want to stop playing this!

Be the first player to color all of your objects.

→ 1 Crayon Person Craftivity
Complete the sentence and Create your person!

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?