Sunday, May 1, 2016

Magical Dream Sticks

According to Merriam-Webster a crayon is a stick of colored wax that is used for drawing.
But isn't a crayon SO much more?
I once heard crayons described as “Magical Dream Sticks”.
So true, so true.

Check out my “Box of Colors!” 63 pages of fun, hands-on color learning.

Here is what is included in this packet:

→ Crayon box template
Cute Crayon Box that can be used for storage

→ 11 mini color puzzles
4 pieces each/fits in Colors Box

→ 11 mini color readers
5 pgs each/fits in Colors Box

→ 11 mini crayons
They fit in Colors Box.

→ 12 Color Bingo Cards

→ 12 Color Bingo Cards
Cards with words in b/w AND cards with words in color!

→ 11 I Have, Who Has Colors Game Cards
Play = Learning

→ 11 My “Color” Sheet
One Page for each Color

Color it.
Trace it.
Shape it.
Write it.
Read it.
Circle it.
Pyramid it.
Build it.

→ 1 Colors Graphing Story
Read, Highlight, Tally, Graph, Answer ?s

 Seeing the color words in context makes for more fluent readers

→ 11 Color Ties Craftivity
Let people ask you about your Color Tie

Read it.
Trace it.
Glue it.
Write it.
Color it.

→ 1 Color Spin Race Game
They will not want to stop playing this!

Be the first player to color all of your objects.

→ 1 Crayon Person Craftivity
Complete the sentence and Create your person!

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?