Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ethel is an Outdoor Cat - Again!

You may remember our cat, Ethel, after her harrowing experience, had become an indoor cat. (Read Ethel the Indoor Cat here.) But over the months, she became rather brave – not dashing under the bed with every bark, exploring more of the house besides just “her room”, lingering in the living room even when the dogs were visual at the sliding glass doors. It didn't take long to train Clooney to not bark and go crazy when he saw Ethel in the house. And Maggie has always been fine with Ethel (during the day).

As the weather became more pleasant, we would leave the glass doors open and, with training and time, all of the pets were okay with the sights and sounds of each other. The next step Ethel took by herself. We have a tear in one screen (thanks, Clooney) that we have not repaired yet. One day, I could not find Ethel anywhere and, low and behold, she was sitting on our back porch! We still had a lot of training to do with the barking at night but to make a LOONG story short, Ethel is now an outdoor cat. All is well with the Booze pets . . for now!