Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Fairy Tales Foods Little Red Riding Hood


Need quick, simple, kid-friendly snacks and treats to make and munch on while studying your Fairy Tales?

We did, so I grabbed my old folder of ideas, pinned new ideas, bought ingredients/materials and had a trial run.

Trial run?

Yes, trial run.

In case I needed to scream sigh with frustration I needed to be alone in my own kitchen.

Some people are creatively handy enough to create Pinterest-y crafts.

(Don't you hate those people?!).
Me? Not so much.

The next few posts are not so much step-by-step tutorials of a food blogger, but more a compilation of kid-friendly snacks to make and munch on while studying your favorite fairy tales. You will get the gist of the food idea along with some tips.

PLUS, each fairy tale will include a FREE download of a food label card. (I also bundled these cards and have them for sale in my store.). Click here for that.


It's springtime here – the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming. I like to picture Little Red Riding Hood strolling along and humming while picking flowers for her grandmother. In Red's basket of goodies she might have Cherry Tarts.
These tarts were quite easy to make. Online, there are many recipes to make your own pie pastry - Puhlease. Who has time for that?? Go to the store and buy refrigerated pie crusts. While there, pick up some pie filling. We like cherry but any variety works.

Roll out the dough, cut circles with a round cookie cutter, place circles into a cupcake pan, and fill with pie filling.

Tarts can be latticed on top with pastry strips or covered with smaller circles of pastry.

Some tarts will look better than others. As long as your kids are having fun, who cares?!


Tip: Make sure your pastry circle is snug along the bottom and side of your cupcake pan cup.

Of course, we cannot forget the wolf.

Make cupcakes. Once again, I went the lazy way and used boxed mix and ready-to-use frosting.

I do not have decorating essentials, no tips or bags. So, I used a storage baggie and snipped the corner. Actually, my daughter handled the decorating. With the baggie of icing, she made swooshes pulled up and away with the baggie tip on top of the cupcake leaving space for the wolf's mouth.

Then she cut a piece of fruit roll-up to mash down into the cupcake and with a baggie of white frosting, made tiny dots for the wolf's teeth. M & Ms were used for the eyes and nose. Quite simple - with Emily doing the decorating, that is.

Tip: Remind kids to not cover the entire cupcake with frosting, so they will have room to place the roll-up for the mouth. They may even want to pinch (and eat!) a bit of the cupcake to make an indentation for the mouth.

Here are the Food Label Card Freebies for:

Little Red Riding Hood Tarts and Wolf Cupcakes

AND check this out if you need Little Red Riding Hood Activities

OR Little Red Riding Hood Count and Clip Cards

More Fairy Tales Foods coming soon.


 Live Happily Ever After!

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