Thursday, March 24, 2016

Math Ideas for Easter Eggs

SO many plastic Easter egg ideas – just. need. to. focus.
Here are a few math center ideas.

Super Idea!
Match clock face, time in words, or time in numbers.
Place Value
Match the Shapes
Match the Color
Match numeral to dots

Match number word to dots
Addition Eggs
Subtraction Eggs
Multiplication Eggs
Division Eggs
Match Fractions
Match improper fractions to mixed numbers

I could keep going; so many ideas!
Why not put away that boring worksheet and bring out the eggs?!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

ELA Easter Eggs

It's that time of year again - time for plastic Easter eggs!
How about a few low-prep, super-easy ELA uses for those plastic Easter eggs?

Letter Match
Super fun for sight word beginners
Rhyming Words
CVC Family Eggs
Compound Words
Plural Nouns
Parts of Speech
And here is a new idea I am trying. How many words can you make?
How Many Words Can You Make?
You can use this recording sheet for any make-words activity. I like to switch out letter eggs to practice weekly spelling words or as a sight word review. The kiddos arrange the letter eggs in the carton to form a word, write the word on the recording sheet, then rearrange the letter eggs to form a new word.
I now offer the recording sheet as a freebie in my store; feel free to click on the image to download.
Click on the image to download this FREEBIE!!!

Now, that's a lot of ELA Easter Eggs!
Say that three times real fast!!
(ELA Easter Eggs, ELA Easter Eggs, ELA Easter Eggs.)
Remember to head back here in a couple of days for Math Easter egg ideas.