Friday, June 15, 2018

Fairy Tales Foods Goldilocks, The Ugly Duckling, Thumbelina, and The Little Red Hen

 For Goldilocks and the Three Bears one has to make porridge, right?! This activity is quite simple yet satisfying. Oatmeal decorated with banana slices and raisins. Done.
I also made bear toast - toast topped with spread Nutella and sliced bananas and raisins. Yummy!

Tips: while the kids slice their bananas - I give each child a third of a banana - and decide which raisins to use for the eyes and mouth, an adult can spoon the oatmeal into their bowls. (Also, quick-cooking oatmeal is quick and simple.)


 Reading The Little Red Hen? Gotta’ make bread.

Gather the materials.

Mixing the ingredients in a baggie prevents spills and messes; plus, it’s so much fun to squish.

Shape the dough into a loaf.


And it's ready to eat.

Tip: the loaves can be made by student teams, if you need to speed up the process.


Since Thumbelina was soo tiny, we decided to do a mini food.

We thought these miniburgers were cute and simple to make.

Tip: make doubly sure to fry the patties on low to reduce grease splatter.


The Ugly Duckling Rolls were simple to make.

Mostly flattening and shaping the dough to look duck-like.

Tip: some duckling rolls will be prettier than others which is a perfect segue into a class discussion.


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 Live Happily Ever After!

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