Friday, June 22, 2018

Freebie Friday #2

Who has time for a FREEBIE?

Telling Time to the Quarter Hour Book FREEBIE
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Looking for hands-on activities for your math centers or interactive morning work?
Students will be engaged and thinking critically with this telling time to the quarter hour printable that can be used for small group, individualized or differentiated instruction, assessment, and more! 


Included in Books:

Title Page


Page 1: Time Spin! - Using a pencil and a paperclip, spin the larger spinner to find the hour and the smaller spinner to find the minute, then write the time correctly on the digital clocks.

Telling Time to the Quarter Hour Book

Page 2: Time Flip! - From the Cutouts Pages, cut out the six time boxes – analog clocks and times in words. Match the times and glue.

Page 3: Make the Time Puzzles! - From the Cutouts Page, cut out the four puzzles, mix up the pieces, and put them back together again.

Page 4: Match the Time! - Trace the times. Draw lines to match the times in the top row, middle row, and bottom row.

Page 5: Draw the Hands! - Draw the hands on the clocks to show the times written.

AND Answer Keys!


Grab this FREEBIE this week, and I'll see you next Friday!

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