Saturday, March 4, 2017

Fairy Tales

Once upon a time . . .

four powerful words that trigger excitement and stir imaginations.

In fairy tales, anything can happen and children learn to think beyond expected boundaries.


Fairy tales introduce unknown cultures and customs to children.

Poor decisions can have negative consequences through fairy tales.


Conflict and hardship must be overcome.

And at the end of the fairy tale, resolution — all things are set right.

Fairy tales follow a clear beginning (Once upon a time…),

middle (problem),

and an end (. . . happily ever after).

Understanding story structure helps children learn how to tell a story and develops their critical thinking and comprehension skills.

I teach Fairy Tales to foster imagination and cultural literacy; teach decisions, consequences, and morals; teach story structure; and make reading fun. My no-prep units will have students engaged and thinking critically in whole group, small group, centers or for homework! With my printables of story elements, sequencing, retelling, comprehension, graphic organizers, and vocabulary, in both color and b/w and with included answer keys, teachers can plan less and teach more. And teachers and students will live

. . . happily ever after.

(And don't forget to prep for the upcoming movie - can't wait!!)

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