Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Tommelise, one of Hans Christian Andersen’s original Dutch fairy tales, was first published in 1835. The fairy tale gained popularity in 1847 with the English translation by Mary Howitt who changed the story a bit. Her tale opens with a beggar woman, instead of a fairy, giving a peasant's wife a barleycorn in exchange for food. Once planted, a tiny girl, Thumbelina emerges from its flower.

Thumbelina can be used in the classroom to teach:

Money Cannot Buy Happiness: Thumbelina knew she could not be happy by marrying the mole even though he was very wealthy.

Good Friends are Important: Fish, butterflies, and mice help Thumbelina along her way.

We All Belong Somewhere: Thumbelina persevered many hardships to find a field of flower-fairies such as herself.

The kiddos really enjoy reading Thumbelina. They also enjoy the printables in our unit packet - (while I enjoy that the unit is print and go!).

We especially enjoy the Story Map:

and the Character Attributes:
and the Comprehension True or False:
And students can use the Story Sequencing Cards to retell the story:

I found a couple of neat Thumbelina craft projects on Pinterest:

And here is an online Thumbelina puzzle for the kiddos to put together.

Oh, and I cannot forget my Thumbelina Count and Clip Cards:
In fact, I am making this resource FREE for the rest of this week. Just click on the picture to go to my store download - YAY!

I love teaching fairy tales! I believe I will share The Ugly Duckling next. There are SO many good stories, aren't there?!

Have a great week!

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