Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Ugly Duckling

Den Grimme Alling, one of Hans Christian Andersen’s original Dutch fairy tales, was first published in 1843. Initially titled "The Young Swans", Andersen changed the title to “The Ugly Duckling” so as to not give away the surprise ending.

The Ugly Duckling can be used in the classroom to teach:

Self Image: How ever you appear to others is not important.

Acceptance: Accept one another no matter how different we might appear.

Kindness to Others: Treat others with kindness no matter what they look like.

Our kiddos really enjoy The Ugly Duckling. They also enjoy the printables in our unit packet - (while I enjoy that the unit is print and go!).

We especially enjoy the Story Map:

and the Character Attributes:

the Comprehension True or False:

and students can use the Story Sequencing Cards to retell the story:

If your kiddos are into origami like our kiddos, here is a Pinterest treat for you:

Here is an online Ugly Duckling puzzle for the kiddos to put together.

And I really hate to do this to you, since this chorus will stick in your head ALL DAY, but wow, the kids do like this song "One Egg Different From the Rest":

Oh, and I cannot forget my Ugly Duckling Count and Clip Cards:

In fact, I am making this resource FREE for the weekend. Just click on the picture to go to my store download - YAY!

I love teaching fairy tales! I believe I will share Cinderella next (since it is pumpkin time!). There are SO many good stories, aren't there?!

Have a great weekend!

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