Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pizza Month

Get ready - October is Pizza Month; how yummy is that?!

Pizza has been around since the sixth century BC when Persian soldiers made bread on their shields and topped the bread with cheese and dates, So, of course, pizza deserves its own month.

Here is a cute pizza counting game from PBS Kids. Students are visually shown the number and type of topping then they click and drag the correct toppings to the pizza. 


Of course, every Pizza Unit Study must employ a favorite toppings graph.
Here's a FREEBIE if you need one.

Grab a pizza book from the library.
Such a fun book

Here are a couple of neat Pinterest items I found:

Don't forget to check out my Pizza Thematic Centers and Worksheets:

And my Pizza Count & Clip Cards:

Have a yummy month!

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