Friday, April 3, 2015


While April has many quirky observances, there are two wacky weeks that stand out:

Library Week – April 12 - 18
Coin Week – April 19 – 25

One of my favorite childhood summer memories is seeing the bookmobile pull into our driveway. And after what seemed hours of perusing the shelves to pick my three books, the librarian would let me stamp the card. Oh my goodness, I still get giddy just thinking about it.

Later in life, when my mother-in-law would take the kids for the day, where would I go for my day of rest? Not shopping, not to the coffee shop; I would head for the library.

It is on my retirement list – to become a library volunteer!

First sponsored in 1958, National Library Week is a time to celebrate the contributions of our nation's libraries and to promote library use and support. On Tuesday of this week, we celebrate National Library Workers Day; on Wednesday, we celebrate National Bookmobile Day; and on Thursday, we celebrate Teen Literature Day. What a fun week!

Why not schedule a visit from your local bookmobile or make bookworms with crispy rice cereal treats using pieces of licorice for antennae and eyes?
And if you need a few good books about the library, here you go.

You might be interested in my Library packet
Along with my Library Count & Clip Cards

Another childhood love of mine was money. Not in the usual sense.

I loved getting the pile of change off of my parents' dresser and putting it into our piggy bank.

I loved when my aunt would bring the coin bags home from the bank, and I would help her count and wrap the coins.

I loved looking for bicentennial quarters and wheat pennies to save.

My graduation card from my grandpa had 12 dollars each minted from each of the different mints.

I was ecstatic when I visited the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, DC.

Today, I still get excited when my daddy gets out his old coins bag.

Coin week is celebrated April 19 – 25. The 2015 National Coin Week theme, “Building Tomorrows: Inspiration and Innovation at World’s Fairs,” will celebrate the history of world's fairs and expositions.

What a great week to review and work with coins and money.

Here are a few websites to use when studying money.

Here you can design your own bill.

Here you can sort coins.

Here you can race to click onto the correct coin amount.

These Money Clip Cards are top-sellers from my store; check these out!

April is here - ENJOY!!!

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