Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Scoop 2/1/15

This is my second week of linking up with Teaching Trio's Sunday Scoop. It has helped hold me accountable. I am happy to say I got my hair cut, I have a new shower curtain (and a clean shower), and I can walk into my closet. Yay!
Here's this week's Scoop.
I have to:
get our vehicle inspected. I found out a few years ago while driving my husband's van there is no grace period. I had the van inspected the next day and the ticket dropped, but it was still embarrassing.

create my display book. Yes, I had to list this one again. I REALLY have to get this display book started!

declutter my desk. I pride myself on never missing a bill payment, but guess what I did last week; I missed paying my Target bill. I have kicked myself and kicked myself for having to pay the late fee. I HAVE to organize my desk.

I hope to:
clean my frig - Why do all of my “hope to do” items relate to cleaning?!

get more sleep. Now that my daughter has gone back home, I am hoping to get in the bed a bit earlier. I enjoyed staying up with her, but I am pooped.

I'm happy to:

celebrate Groundhog Day. I absolutely love Groundhog Day. I always have. Cannot wait to drink yummy Groundhog punch, eat our traditional Groundhog cake, and see what Phil's prediction is for this year.
Check out my Groundhog Day Clip Cards!

Don't forget to see what other guys are up to this week.

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