Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It Has Arrived!!

My conference display book, along with my 200 goodie bags, is in Florida. It is a done deal now. Whew!
Of course, it arrived 5 days late - thank you USPS - but at least it arrived.
I agonized over this project. I would make a change, then change it back, then change something else. I actually shipped it out early. The deadline isn't until the twentieth, but I couldn't take the stress anymore. I had to complete and ship.
This was my first time participating in a conference with Michele Luck, but she had everything organized perfectly on her Facebook group. I could click into the files and see deadline dates and images of how things should look. I am hoping my next conference will not be as stressful though.
The display book was my dilemma. I searched for a thin but sturdy album but could not find one. I settled for a binder rationalizing that it was okay since this is a school conference.

Since I was using a binder and not an album, I had to use page protectors but that's okay, right?
I had Staples print it.

And off to the post office we go!

The conference is March 2-3, so I need to catch a quick breath before I begin to worry how teachers will receive my goodie items and display book. Hopefully, these teachers will appreciate the freebies and recognize the value of my items. Fingers and toes crossed!

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