Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Currently

February is HERE!! And I am participating in my first Currently linkup with Farley over at Oh Boy It's 4th Grade. That girl is a hoot!

As the children begin to leave the house, the noise dwindles. We are now down to two children still with us at home, so it is way more quiet than it used to be. Next fall Sarah goes to college, so it will be even more quiet. Right now I hear them dancing and laughing. I need to finish this up and get in there!

Sarah has been on edge recently waiting to find out if she got accepted into Appalachian and if she got chosen to participate in the Japanese Nihongo/Outbound Program. Finally we received word that she did get accepted into both. She is so more excited about going to Japan than going to college.

Audrey goes to school full time and works 50 hours a week at her job. She hardly ever comes home and with the bad weather and me having busy time at work, I haven't gone up the mountain to see her in a while. I really need to throw a few things in a box and ship it to her. It's exciting to get packages in the mail.
Never a serious photo with this one!

This winter has really been tough on me. Not sure if it is just a bad year or me just getting old. Either way, I need to see those first signs of Spring. And it shouldn't be too long before we see those buds on the trees or those crocuses peeping up from the ground. I need to hang in there; I can make it.

A good night's sleep is what I need. We took in Audrey's dog, Clooney
(extra dog = extra barking) and Ethel is an indoor cat now (she loves to “do her thing” at 4:30 every morning). Between these pets, I do not get a whole lot of sleep. And as my kids say, it shows.
Bark, bark, bark!

Pageant title? Anyone who knows me and my lists will agree on the title I chose.

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  1. Wow! College in Japan! How exciting! I bet you are one proud mama! Good luck with the packing and mentally preparing for that! I love your Spring is just around the corner pic. Its super cute!

    Heidi Neels
    Flipping for First

  2. Hi Heidi! Actually, Sarah will be in Japan for two months this summer then have a week home to get over her jet lag before heading to college here in the states. Life is interesting to say the least! :)
    Have a nice week!