Saturday, February 7, 2015

Done, Done, Done!!!

As Basil Fawlty would say, “It's done, done, done.”
No, not a moose head, my goodie bag items for the SDE K conference in SC.
200 goodie bags - I am exhausted, nervous, and excited.

I have never been a part of these conference promotions before. I have already sent in my advert to be inserted into the group ad book – can't wait to see that.
Now, I have to ship my goodies and display book (still to come) to Michele. How exciting is it to think 200-300 teachers will have access to my store, possibly for the first time.

I hope they like my goodie bag item. I probably went overboard but hey, it's my first time doing this.

I had to find something that reflected my store and since I have over 282 clip card products in my store, I chose to give out clip card samplers.
I printed off mini clip cards

hole punched each page

clasped the pages to a ring binder

and included a mini clothespin

I thought the idea was adorable.

Pricey? Yes. But it could have been worse; I bought items in bulk, online, and at the best rate.
I bought 1,000 3x4 plastic bags for $12

The rings were 300 for $30

And the mini pins were 300 for $10

I was excited to find these bargains!

I waited on purchasing my business card, too. Again scored a great bargain.

I hope the teachers will get a feel for my style and that I offer fun, engaging products at a reasonable price.

Wish me luck!

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