Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wacky Week Wednesday – National Pizza Week 1/5-11

Pizza has been around since the sixth century BC when Persian soldiers made bread on their shields and topped the bread with cheese and dates. The first written record of pizza comes from Pompeii where excavations have revealed pizza recipes from the book of Apicius.

Pizza as we know it first shows up in history in the year 1522, in Italy. In the late 1800's, street vendors sold pizzas simply topped with mushrooms and anchovies. Pizza popularity soon created pizza stalls where customers could sit and order their pizzas with more topping choices. These stalls soon morphed into pizzerias where people could eat, drink, and socialize.
Gennaro Lombardi claims to have opened the first pizzeria in the United States in New York City in 1905. The first American pizzas were called tomato pies rather than pizza pies and were built differently with cheese first, then the toppings, then the sauce.

The first commercial pizza-pie mix was produced in Massachusetts in 1948, and pizza soon became the most popular frozen food after the first frozen pizza was sold in 1957.

Today, pizza is made and sold everywhere with different varieties and virtually every type of food being used as toppings.

Check out these yummy books:

And you can make and deliver pizzas on these websites:

(place ingredients on pizza, cook, and serve)

(help deliver the pizzas, but watch the obstacles)

Need fun pizza activities?
Make a pizza number counting book. (One pepperoni, Two mushrooms, etc.)


Take a pizzaria field trip or make pizzas with English muffins, pizza sauce, and grated cheese.

Our group has visited Domino's Pizza where the kids made their own personal pizzas. We had such a blast! Some years we have had to stay in the classroom to make and eat pizzas with English muffins, pizza sauce, and toppings. This can be a lot of fun, too. (Although, I had parents in to help which is a definite must.)

Check out my Pizza Thematic Centers and Worksheets:

 And my Pizza Count and Clip Cards:

Excuse me while I grab me a pizza pie. You guys have a yummy week!

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