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Wacky Week Wednesday – National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Week 1/26-31

Cowboy poetry is a form of poetry which grew out of a tradition involving cowboys who, after a hard day of work, would gather around a campfire and entertain one another with stories or songs. Poetic forms were used to help with remembering since illiteracy was common among cowhands. A cowboy poet does not have to be a working cowboy; a cowboy poet can just share a fondness for the ways of the West. Some of the most famous cowboy poets, though, are ranchers, veterinarians and tradespeople.

Today, cowboy poetry gatherings provide a focal point for practitioners and supporters of the art.

The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering is a week-long celebration of life in the rural West. This event has become an annual ritual for thousands of people who value the people and cultures that live and work in the West. Through poetry, music, film, photography, and story telling, artists express the beauty and the challenges of the West.

Every year, thousands travel to rural Elko, Nevada to celebrate the Western way of life.

These first two cowboy poetry books need to be previewed by an adult.

The next book is a cool poetry book.

The next book is a fun cowboy book.
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I'll end with this poem by Wayne Brown.

Wayne Brown 2012

Orange and blue sky of morning slowly crawls over the ranch

As the bright sunlight of day begins it slow westward dance

The boys have long left the bunk; starting their day

We work sun up to sundown…it’s a cowboy’s way

There’s doggies in the high ground hidin’ in the draw

There are horses that need tendin’; their backs all raw

Cowboyin’ is a lot of work and there ain’t too much pay

But that’s alright, we like it…it’s a cowboy’s way

There are steers to be branded; there’s stock to be feed

Ain’t much time for talkin’; do some more work instead

Besides, when a cowboy talks, he’s got somethin’ to say

That’s just the way it is…it’s a cowboy’s way

That ol’ sun has done crawled up past the noon

Cookie will be callin’ with some vittles real soon

We’ll fill our bellies with beans and meat of the day

A workin' man needs to eat…it’s a cowboy’s way

With our stomachs full and our body aches rested

We head back to find some more ways to be tested

We won’t get it all done today, try hard as we may

But we’ll be back tomorrow…it’s a cowboy’s way

That ol’ sun is finally setting and darkness will fall

We head for the bunkhouse; a good day for us all

Then gathered round the stove as the guitars play

We’ll sing a lonely trail song…it’s a cowboy’s way

©Copyright WBrown2012. All Rights Reserved.
30 December 2012

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