Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wacky Week Wednesday – National Hand Washing Awareness Week 12/7-13

Hand washing 101: wet, soap, scrub, rinse, dry. Easy, right? Then why don't more people wash?!? In America, two thirds of adults wash their hands after a bathroom trip, one in four adults do not wash their hands after changing diapers, less than one in three wash their hands after sneezing/coughing, and less than one in five wash their hands after touching money. Eighty percent of all infectious diseases are spread by touch. The power is in your hands to prevent the flu - literally. The most important thing you can do to keep from getting sick is to wash your hands.

Here are the main rules of hand washing:

Wash hands when they are dirty and before eating.

Always wash hands after bathroom trips, changing diapers, cleaning up after pets, or handling money.

Do not cough or sneeze into hands.

Refrain from putting fingers into eyes, nose, or mouth.

Here's an activity that will have other students wishing they were in your class:

Talk about all the different ways that germs can be spread. Have children sit in a large circle. Pretend to sneeze in your hand and spray some cooking spray on your hand. Sprinkle some glitter on your hand. Ask children to pretend that the specks of glitter are germs. Then, shake a child's hand and have the child look at their hand. Say "Look, she got my germs." Then have that child shake someone else's hand, and so on. Choose one child to wash but not dry his/her hands, Then have that child show the other children his/her hands (not all glitter should be gone yet). Next, have the child dry his/her hands with a paper towel and show the other children again. Explain that correct handwashing is important to get rid of germs that can make us sick.

Two really good books about handwashing are:

Wash Your Hands! by Tony Ross

Wash Your Hands! by Margaret McNamara

And here are a couple of neat website activities:

(listen to story then answer questions about cleanliness)

(E. coli memory game)

And check out my Hand Washing Thematic Centers and Worksheets

and my

Hand Washing Count & Clip Cards

It's that time of year again - start washing!!!

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