Saturday, December 13, 2014

The 12 Days of Nerd Libs - A Saturday Nerd Lib Link-up

It's Saturday and once again I am joining in the Saturday Nerd Lib Link-up.
Here is my Nerd Lib:
I guess I had Angelina on my mind. Yahoo headline said she had chicken pox. I remember my neighbor calling me after her kids came over for my daughter's third birthday party. “By the way, my boys have the chicken pox.” What?! You call me after the fact? That was a hard afternoon of calling parents and telling them their child was exposed to chicken pox. This was before the pox shot was around; ugh!

My kids and I made Almond Joy candy last week. Coconut, cocoa, oats, crushed almonds... mmm! It was so good! We were going to bake Grinch Cookies, but I could not find crème de menthe chips anywhere.

And have you tried the chocolate Craisins? Wow, they are so yummy! I just bought 6 bags to go in everyone's stocking this year. They had better share with me!!

Okay, I need to run. Our town parade is starting in a bit. We live in a small town, so everyone pretty much knows everyone else. And everybody shows up for the parade. It is a fun day of grabbing candy when the paraders throw it, yelling at people marching down the street, and listening to the oldtimers guess the date of the old cars passing by. The parade is always so much fun. Christmas time's a comin'!!!


  1. Hope the parade was fun! We have ours tonight. Your homemade Almond Joy sounds delicious!

  2. Mmm! I love chocolate and cranberries, so I might have to try that! Enjoy your parade! Carol's Teaching Garden

  3. I love small town parades! That's one thing I definitely miss about living in the big city of Atlanta...
    Lori, you really need to share that recipe!