Friday, December 5, 2014

Saturday Nerd Libs - on Friday

I ran across this post in the TpT foum for a new weekly link-up: Mel and Gerdy's Saturday Nerd Libs. Easy, fun, and quirky. Quirky is definitely an adjective synonymous with Mel and Gerdy. What fun those two seem to have!
So, here goes mine:

Do I want to get up at 5:30 in the morning? No! Especially not after having pulled a late nighter working on TpT stuff, but our floors creak so loudly in the winter if one person gets up early, we all get up early - we really need to get that flooring fixed.
So, up and at 'em. I get up and immediately make the bed (old habits die hard [now, that was a good movie]). Anyway, I cut on all of my electronic devices and listen to the various dings and chimes and, hopefully, cha-chings while I am getting dressed. I then head into my workroom with my tall glass of Dr. Pepper (mmm!).
Now, I do not have an autonomous car, but I think driverless cars are fascinating and am putting my faith in Google to get me in one before I get too old.
I also do not work at Hogwarts but how awesome would it be if I did teach there? Definitely my ideal teaching position!!
Unfortunately, the next part is true, I am always greeted by my trusty, old computer. It sits there taunting me to hurry and get to work. And what is the first thing I do? Check my TpT dashboard, of course!!
Okay, I need to get back to work; I am revamping my phonics clip cards to include recording sheets and answer keys. I have finished my Final Blends Clip Cards:

But I have always loved ad libs, so I had to take a minute to fill this out. I cannot wait to read everyone else's ad libs. Too much fun!!!


  1. Teaching at Hogwarts would be so cool. What would your specialty be? I think I'd want to be the flying or transfiguration teacher.

  2. I love hearing cha-chings in the morning! What a terrific way to start the day! Have an awesome week! Carol's Teaching Garden

  3. What fun! Of course checking my TpT dashboard would be on mine too. What a great link up!