Friday, December 26, 2014

2015 Resolution Linky

I am linking up with Jessica at Second Grade Nest to share my resolutions and my goals for the upcoming year - 2015.
I think these resolutions are pretty easy to grasp:
#1   Even Martha Stewart isn't really Martha Stewart. I am sure her house has been messy on numerous occasions. I am usually okay as long as my kitchen counter is cleared and clean; so, keeping my counter uncluttered is what I will focus on this upcoming year.
#2   I need to remember that work is not everything. If I get certain things completed - Yay!. If certain tasks do not get completed until the following day - the world will not break apart.
#3   I really have a problem with doing "me" things and feeling guilty. My kids are all teenagers now. I need to get over feeling guilty if I want to go for a walk by myself or if I want to go visit a friend. This is a reccuring resolution. I really need to defeat this attitude.
#4   I am already working on this resolution. I have a blog and a Facebook page. I need to improve my postings and such though.
#5   This last resolution is by far the most important. Life can be gone in a blink of an eye. We have to make the most of here and now. We have to have a positive attitude and be happy!

The older I get, the more impatient I get. Not necessarily with students but with the junk we have to put up in order to help our students. Education is truly cyclical. I need to remember whatever the legislature is right now - this, too, shall pass.

What else? Lose weight! I REALLY need to at least walk every day. I feel better when I do walk, so why do I not do it!?!?

Like I said earlier, I mostly do for my kids. I will travel one day, but I still have a couple of kids living at home. My youngest daughter is waiting to hear if she has been chosen to travel to Japan this summer. She will be there for two months. This first month she will attend a language school; the second month will be like an exchange program. We are totally excited about this opportunity. I am not sure how I will exist with her halfway across the world from me for two months though!!!

Having our Japanese exchange student this summer allowed me to try lots of new foods. My thing is to stop eating certain foods!

This goes along with what I just said. I do not need to give up certain foods - I just need to not eat as much of certain foods as I do. Nothing is wrong with a slice of pie but when you are eating your third slice. . . !!!

This past year I tried to learn Gaelic then Japanese. I did not succeed at either. But I have learned new techno things since beginning TpT. I will focus on that positive aspect.

Growing up, either someone was at our house or we were over at someone's house. People really do not visit like they use to. I would like to visit more in this new year, especially with my aging aunts and uncles.

I could list a million things right here (TpT, family, etc), but the one thing I will list is laughing more. I want to laugh more in 2015 than I did in 2014. Laughter is good medicine!!

What are some of your resolutions for the upcoming year? Any new, exciting things coming up? I know from the forum, some of you are getting married or expecting babies or grandbabies. What a fun year 21015 will be!!!!


  1. Thanks, Ashley. Hope you have a fabulous new year!!

  2. Some great resolutions! I love number 1. Keeping my office desk clean will be my similar goal :) Hayley

  3. My desk is a mess! I am going to strive to straighten it once a week. Hopefully a cleaner desk will help me work more efficiently, plus I will not find bills that were due days ago!!!

  4. Can't wait to see if we all stick to our goals! We should check back in February or March!