Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wacky Week Wednesday - Fall Astronomy Week

People have been staring up into the sky since the beginning of time. Holy men studied the universe to make crop/planting season decisions, Greeks developed theories about the universe, Romans added to these theories, sixteenth-century Copernicus modeled the solar system and Brahe and Kepler theorized about planetary motions, and seventeenth century brought the views of Gaileo and Newton. The list of modern astronomers is too long to mention; of course, Halley, Herschel, and Einstein are at the top. And still contributions are being presented today. Astronomy is like the universe; it has no beginning, and it has no end.

There are two Astronomy Weeks; one in the spring, and one in the fall. Astronomy Week encompasses Astronomy Day which this fall is October 4th, so Fall Astronomy Week runs September 29 - October 5 this year.

My family recently watched “When We Left Earth: the NASA Missions”. We were riveted to the tv screen. While subbing at our local high school, I was asked to show “In the Shadow of the Moon”, the class didn't finish it, but I borrowed the dvd from the teacher and finished it. I recommend both of these films; both were totally brilliant!

Here are two good astronomy books:

Here are two fun websites to check out:

This first website allows learners to match space shapes with their shadows!

This second site allows learners to create the solar system. It is cool because the kiddos can put the planets in their correct orbits and watch how the planets spin at different rates.

And here's a really fun activity to play outside with your kids.

Place a yellow piece of cardboard (the Sun) in the center of ropes spread out to simulate planet orbits. On the ropes are buckets with the 8 planet names (sorry Pluto). The student tries to toss bean bag asteroids into each planet bucket.

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  1. How fun! I will have to check out the films!

  2. Meredith, let me know how you guys liked the films.
    Throughout the video my husband and I kept saying, "I remember that!" "I remember that, too!"
    Sometimes it is fun to be old. :)