Wednesday, September 10, 2014

National Farm Animals Awareness Week

National Farm Animals Awareness Week was created by the Humane Society of the United States in 1993. The HSUS program associate for farm animals and sustainable agriculture makes a good point, “Even when our consumption of animals is at a historic high, the animals are hidden from view behind the walls of huge factory farms and processing plants". National Farm Animals Awareness Week helps the public to think about the animals and maybe learn a bit more about them and their treatment.
The HSUS program associate for Farm Animals and Sustainable Agriculture also stated, "These animals are interesting and social individuals known to be inquisitive and courageous." Listen to this documented account of such an instance:
In August 1997, Lulu the pig ran into the street outside her owner’s home and did her “dead pig trick” – four feet sticking straight up in the air. A passing motorist stopped to find that Lulu was fine but her owner was having a heart attack. Doctors said that if Lulu hadn’t gotten help, her owner could have died.
There are many other such stories, along with these interesting tidbits:
Pigs, according to some studies, are smarter than a 3-year-old human!
Mother pigs sing to their piglets while they nurse!
And, how awesome is this, pigs can play joystick-controlled video games!

In one year, a sheep produces 8 pounds of wool, 80 miles of yarn!
If a sheep ends up on its back, it will be stuck that way until someone rights it.

Researchers have identified eleven different calls by which the hen and her chick embryos communicate. The un-hatched chicks will also communicate with one another.

Cows produce 125 pounds of saliva per day.
Cows can detect scents from six miles away.
Cows have been shown to give 35% more milk while they’re listening to Elvis Presley and 6% less when listening to the rock-band KISS.
Wait, who paid for that study?!

Check out local farms, check to see if there is a nearby farm sanctuary, contact your local 4-H office – so many fun activities are held this week!

Here are a few Farm Animal Books:
Little Blue Truck

An old favorite

Reminds me of Chick-fil-A

Here are a few Farm Animal activities:

And please check out my Farm Animals Count & Clip Cards!
Love Farm Animals!!


  1. What fun facts! The image of cows listening to Elvis makes me smile ear to ear!

    1. Elvis had more fans than he realized, right? And I love the fact that Mama Pig speaks/sings to her piglets while nursing. Aren't animals amazing?!