Monday, September 8, 2014

Melodious Monday

Here's a new weekly installment on the blog –


Relive a childhood memory:
“Wow, I haven't heard that song since . . .”

Astound your friends at work:
“Hey Bob, did you know . . .”

Experience new sounds:
“Ooh, I need to listen to more songs by . . .”

Every Monday, I will post musical history tidbits. From births to deaths, rare performances and wild announcements, Melodious Monday will be a fun, euphonious place to drop by for a visit.

9/7 1936: Buddy Holly is born Charles Hardin Holley.

9/8 2006: After 14 years of marriage, Whitney Houston filed for a divorce from Bobby Brown.

9/9 1941: Otis Redding is born.

9/12 1971: The Jackson 5 cartoon series, called The Jackson 5ive, debuts on ABC.


  1. Nice! My kids love to listen to Buddy Holly (mostly Everyday). =)

    Here's my musical tidbit, though not of historical import: I went to see one of my favorite bands last night! It was loud (or I am old?) but great. Not anywhere near as popular as any you have listed, but great nonetheless: Neutral Milk Hotel.

    1. How cool was that to relax a bit with some cool music? And what a great name - Neutral Milk Hotel! I will have to Google that band. Thanks.