Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Meet the Teacher Team Linky Party

I am joining a neat Linky Party hosted by Lisa and Jonathan at Created For Learning. This husband and wife team want to get to know other team TpT sellers, so they have come up with questions to get better acquainted. When you are finished reading this post, check out the other TpT teams. You'll be glad you did!

Where did you meet?
Although Jon and I attended the same high school, we didn't meet until we both attended Appalachian State University. Jon attended NC State for a couple of years (while I was still in high school) before transferring to App where we eventually found each other!
30 years later, here we are.

Who does what?
Jon is the tech guy of our team; without him, I would still be trying to figure out how to produce and upload my first product. He is brilliant with a computer. Although he has a PhD in Physical Chemistry, he really should have a PhD in computer science. He has written many coded programs in order to make my creation process smoother and faster.

What do enjoy most about your partnership?
I think we work well as a team. Even though we are on the same roller coaster ride, our cars must have left the station at different times. When I feel low about TpT work, Jon encourages me and when he is feeling disgruntled, I try to motivate him.

Do you have nicknames for each other?
No work/TpT nicknames – please.

What is your teaching theme song? (Either what song inspires your teaching or, totally pretend, what song would play when you're introduced, like at a sporting event?)
A song? Wow, . . . I may have to get back to this one.

If you could dress-up to go somewhere, what would you wear and where would you go?
We're homebodies; we go nowhere. The only time we “dress up” is to attend our kids' 4-H Achievement Night. And while this event is big time for our family, I doubt it is the type of answer Lisa and Jon had in mind when they formed this question.
But if we had to “dress up” and go somewhere, I think we both would agree to “dress up” in shorts, t-shirts, and sandals and head to Emerald Isle!

Which do you prefer, cookies, brownies, or neither?
Could I have brownie mix instead? Jon is not a sweets person, but he does like Pepperidge Farms Lemon Cookies.

Name something you've created that you love using in your classroom?
I suppose we should pick a Clip Card item since we love Clip Cards. We have both Count & Clip Cards and Sound & Clip Cards. While Count & Clip Cards reinforce counting, one-to-one correspondence, number recognition, and fine motor skills; I am going to pick Sound & Clip Cards and eClip Cards at that. Jon recently created three sets of Interactive Clip Cards that concentrate on Blends. These Clip Cards are virtual, self-checking cards that require no printing, no cutting, no laminating, and no searching for lost cards! Please check them out:
Lots of Initial Blends practice for your tykes!

These final blends will keep your kiddos busy learning!

Your children will love practicing these initial blends!

Thanks for visiting with us at Teaching Tykes!


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    1. Hi! It is super nice that you guys dropped in to visit!
      This Teacher Team Linky was a fun idea; can't wait to meet everyone.
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