Thursday, August 14, 2014

Special Guest Blogger

Check out this post written by my special guest blogger . . . my husband!

Jon has created cute games for little ones to practice math concepts: adding, subtracting, place value, money, etc. He is such a talented man; he creates new products, he fixes computers/printers, he constructs blogs, I could go on and on. Can you tell I am proud of this man?! Right now, he is in the process of creating eClip Cards. How cool, right!?! Anyway, here is his post about The Visual Calculator – a place value mat that is virtual!

A Place-Value Concept Demonstrator/Manipulative

Would you like a new way to demonstrate place-value concepts? Would you like a tool that lets you illustrate place-value concepts to the entire class in a single demonstration? Are you tired of searching your classroom for lost and mislaid manipulatives?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, we've cooked up something that we think you will love.

It's a virtual place-value “work bench” for performing place-value arithmetic manipulations (see the demonstration video below). It can be installed on any computer running Microsoft Windows XP or later.

For class-wide instruction, simply mirror your computer display onto your SMART board or classroom projector. For individual student discovery and exploration, install on your classroom computer station.

This virtual activity mat can model numerals up to and including 3999. It is especially helpful for illustrating borrowing and carrying operations.

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