Wednesday, August 27, 2014

National Nutrition Week

Establishing healthy eating habits early in life can make a huge impact on children’s lifelong relationship with food and give them the best opportunity to grow into healthy, confident adults. Eating is a social activity; it should be fun and enjoyable. Families can plan, make and eat regular meals together. Add physical activity to your child’s day, just as you would add fruits or vegetables.
Most experts agree that healthy eating habits are best formed at a young age. We have gone from the old food pyramid icon, with its recommended daily allowances; to a revamped food pyramid, with a figure walking up steps to incorporate exercise into a daily routine; to a food plate, which allows even nonreaders understanding of good food choices and more food variety. The “choose my plate” campaign has been a well-received program. Let's just keep in mind what size our plates should be.

Here are a few good books to have on hand during National Nutrition Week.
Monsters need nutritious meals, too!

Revised Edition

The dog is just waiting for her to drop it!

And here are fun games on the web.

Looking for a fun Friday activity? Have a food group relay race. The racer must push the shopping cart to the store (opposite side of the room), put one food from each food group into the cart, then race back to their line. The next person in line must race to the store and put back the food items in their correct food group spot then race back. The next person gathers food as before.

Here are a few nutritional products for my TpT store. The first is a freebie!!!

Grab this freebie!!

Cool unit to go with your freebie!

Yummy Clip Cards!

Hungry yet?

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