Saturday, August 2, 2014

Better Late Than Never

Our family homeschools, and we are very eclectic in our curriculum. Through the years we have always played a lot of games and have had fun following our own path. We have celebrated many wacky holidays along the way. And that is what this blog will try to do – get those zany holidays noticed so that you, too, can have fun learning and celebrating.

I know it is August 2nd, and I really should have started this blog on the first day of the month. My sweet husband has worked so hard learning how to setup a blog and had this blog up and going then BOOM! The computer crashed, so the poor thing had to start from scratch.

But hasn't he done such a terrific job?! He knew nothing about blog design until last week when we decided that I really should start a blog. I think he has done a fabulous job. He is still learning about new widgets to put on here so look for changes along the way.

Plus, we were celebrating Erik's birthday today. Seems like yesterday when he was born; almost 10 lbs, a big baby (I'm 5 feet on a good day). Erik was born at home – such a joyous time! Happy birthday dear Erik!

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